Facial Coding

Affect Lab uses facial coding to quantify how users feel by analyzing facial expression

Facial Coding

Facial Expressions Identified

Facial expressions of users are identified and
landmarked using Affect Lab's proprietary tech

EEG Heatset

Algorithms Calculate Emotions

Our deep learning algorithms them calculate
Human emotions with an accuracy of ~85%

Brainwave Mapping

Affect Lab uses EEG(ElectroEncephaloGraphy) to measure user emotion by analyzing brainwave data

EEG Heatset

Electrical Activity Calculated

Electrical activity in user's brain are
monitored using Affect Lab's

Facial Coding

Algorithms Define Metrics

The brain activity data collected by the EEG headset is
then interpreted by Algorithms to define behavioral
and cognitive metrics

Eye Tracking

Affect Lab uses Remote Eye tracking to monitor where, when, and what people are looking at & for how long

Eye Tracking

Tracking Eye Movements

Visual activity is monitored using a standard webcam & screen based Eye Tracking software

Eye Tracking

Algorithms calculate Visual Metrics

Image processing algorithms calculate the point of gaze to create Heat Maps & Gaze Plots in real-time




A cognitive variable that measures the users focus while watching a video, advertisement or listening to an audio. It provides an overview of how immersive the user is during this period.


A moment by moment analysis of how much of positive or negative inclination is displayed by user during the course of watching a video, advertisement or listening to an audio


A key indicator of how a user's brain is processing the video, advertisement or audio. Higher the effort put in by the user to understand the content, greater the complexity and vice-versa

Emotional Spectrum

An emotional measure that covers the user’s mood range across intense or mild to pleasant or unpleasant. Lower emotional score describes droopy or gloomy moods and higher emotional score describes excited or delighted moods


A variable that ranges from tranquility or boredom to alertness and excitement. It corresponds to similar concepts such as level of activation and stimulation

Why Choose Us?

When most market research techniques rely on what users have to say, it is time to give yours a competitive edge by knowing a customer's unarticulated and unsaid feelings



Impact on Topline

120 seconds setup Time


Setup Time

Emotional Parameters measured


Emotional Parameters Measured