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Digital Insights backed by Emotion AI

Website | Mobile | Chatbot | Social Channels

Product Interaction Insights

Understand how your audience is interacting with your product and measure communication efficacy

Path to Purchase Insights

Analyze your Customer’s Path to Purchase on Digital Channels

Digital Experience Insights

Measure Customers' Subconscious Experience on various Digital Channels

Emotion AI Technologies We Use

Facial Coding

Affect Lab uses Computer Vision & advanced Machine Learning applied with Facial Action Coding System (FACS) to teach computers to recognize facial expressions and associate them with correct emotions.

Eye Tracking

Affect Lab uses a combination of three paradigms (fixation, pursuit and natural gaze) to capture the user's gaze in a natural, remote environment and generate a highly accurate and reliable heat map.

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Increased Online Sales and Conversions
Engagement Metrics to Optimize CX
Meaningful Digital Customer Experiences
Marketing Spend Optimization


Leverage emotion AI to deliver superlative digital experiences to your online customers. Optimize key touchpoints to increase online conversions.