Media EQ

Drive Engagement by turning Emotion Insights into Action

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Marketing Campaign ROI lift
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Increase in Creative Efficacy
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Increase in Organic Virality
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Increase in Brand Equity

Creative Optimization

Create Ads that resonate with your TG at an Emotional Level

Overall Creative Performance with Benchmarks 

AB Test b/w Concepts to know the winning one 

Identify the highs & lows within the Ad or a concept 

Element analysis to know which characters and elements are drawing highest attention & emotional engagement for TG 

Attention, Engagement, Persuasion, Purchase Intent 

Key KPIs

Improvement in Creative Efficacy Rating

Campaign ROI Improvement

Increase in Organic Lift of the Ad

Key KPIs

Campaign ROI Improvement

Spend Optimization

Data backed media planning decisions

Media Planning Optimization

Optimize your media weightages across various distribution routes

AB Test between Creatives to decide Media Weightages 

AB test b/w various Distribution channels to decide Media Weightages 

Digital Vs TV vs OOH vs Online Banner Ad 

Mobile vs Web vs TV vs OOH 

Audience Segmentation

Know which TG is responding best to your creatives

TG 1 vs TG 2 vs TG 3 comparison 

Know which TG is most emotionally engaged with your creative 

Segment TG by Targeting for various distribution mediums 

Key KPIs

Campaign ROI Improvement