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Measure Emotional
Responses by Mapping
Facial Expressions

Facial Coding API for Product Development Teams

Facial Coding API

Identify a range of emotions by mapping facial expressions. Use webcam/mobile cameras to capture facial expressions in real-time. Also map facial expressions for recorded sessions.

Qualitative Research

Accurately measure participant emotions during one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs) and participant monitoring sessions to derive emotion-driven qualitative data points.

HR Interviews

Accurately measure applicant/employee emotions during remote hiring, exit interviews and group business meetings. Leverage these emotion insights to build a work environment that's based on powerful human connections.

Online Classrooms

Increase online student engagement by accurately measuring their emotional response to various courses and sessions. Measure online teacher efficacy by mapping facial expressions of teachers and students.

Facial Emotion Recognition

Single Face Emotion Recognition

Facial Emotion Recognition for one on one live sessions

Multi Face Emotion Recognition

Facial Emotion Recognition for group video conferencing

Recorded Video Emotion Analysis

Facial Emotion Recognition for
any recorded video

Watch a video and measure the emotions hiding under your facial expressions in real-time

Affect API Advantage

Ready to Use

Easy integration of our API with your platform to leverage Facial Coding and quantify recognized facial emotions as CSV/JSON outputs.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support to ensure smooth integration of Affect Lab’s Facial Coding API with your existing product, platform or processes.

Easy to Measure

Make use of webcams/mobile cameras to easily capture facial expressions and map a range of emotions expressed on people’s faces.

Experience Affect Lab

Leverage emotion AI to efficiently map facial expressions. Take a deep dive into consumer insights and deliver customer experiences that emotionally resonate.