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World's Leading Emotion AI Platform

World's Leading Emotion AI Platform

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Our Products

Affect Insights

Tech-driven consumer insights platform for Insights teams

Affect UX

Usability testing and analytics platform for UX teams

Affect API

Emotion Insights to create the best customer experiences

Affect Lab Advantage

Feature-rich Emotion AI platform top global brands rely on
Multi-modal Tracking

Test stimuli of various modes and channels like videos, print ads, planograms, package designs, websites, apps, chatbots, etc.

Qual & Quant Data

Rely on our one-stop consumer insights platform to gather all the qual and quant data points with 25+ question types to choose from

Online Panel + Multi TG

Access our native panel of 50 million+ respondents from 110 countries and customize your TG based on age, country, gender, etc.

Advanced Reporting

Visualize and present insights using customizable dashboards for eye tracking, emotion mapping, engagement, noticeability, etc.


Compare your test results against that of competitors and category leaders across geographies from a pool of over 45,000 tests

Data Compliance

Fully compliant with all data regulations like GDPR ensuring complete privacy and security of your data

Our Technology

Facial Coding

Affect Lab uses Computer Vision & advanced Machine Learning applied with Facial Action Coding System (FACS) to teach computers to recognize facial expressions and associate them with correct emotions.

Eye Tracking

Affect Lab uses a combination of three paradigms (fixation, pursuit and natural gaze) to capture the user's gaze in a natural, remote environment and generate a highly accurate and reliable heat map.

Brainwave Mapping

Affect Lab EEG headsets turn your computer into a brain activity monitor. The headsets safely measure brainwave signals and monitor the attention levels of individuals to different stimuli.

How It works?

Define Stimulus

Create a campaign, setup suitable tests for your stimulus: be it multimedia content, UI prototypes or digital touchpoints

Target Audience

Select a suitable target group from our native panel of 50Mil + respondents spanning across 110 countries

Capture Emotion

Measure consumer behavior such as emotion, attention and engagement using Facial Coding and Eye Tracking

Insights & Actions

Derive actionable insights through emotion and attention data to empower your CX and UX strategies

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TV, Digital, Print Ad, Digital Experience Tested
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Unique Facial Data across Globe
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