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Uplift Digital Engagement with Emotion-driven Consumer Insights

Measure user behavior across digital touchpoints including website, app and chatbots

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Emotion Insights for Digital-First Brands

Website | App | Chatbots | Social Channels

Digital Experience Insights

Metrics and analytics to measure the digital experience, efficacy of digital elements and customer satisfaction

User Experience Insights

Metrics and analytics to measure user experience, efficacy of UI/UX and user satisfaction

User Experience Insights

For frictionless UX and increased goal completions

Online Buyer Experience Insights

Metrics and analytics to measure the effectiveness of online shopper experience and buyer satisfaction
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Increase in online conversions
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Increase in CSAT scores
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Decrease in drop-off rate
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Saving in development time

How It works?

Define Stimulus

Create a campaign, setup suitable tests for your stimulus: be it multimedia content, UI prototypes or digital touchpoints

Target Audience

Select a suitable target group from our native panel of 50Mil + respondents spanning across 110 countries

Capture Emotion

Measure human responses such as emotion, attention and engagement using Facial Coding and Eye Tracking

Insights & Actions

Quantify the measures of emotions and attention as actionable insights; use them to optimize CX and UX

Experience Affect Lab

Leverage emotion AI to measure and optimize user experiences across digital touchpoints for increased conversions