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Unlock the Emotion Experience at all Touch Points

One Platform to monitor and analyse your all consumer emotion for Media campaigns, Websites and Retail Experience. A Brand Emotion Lab.

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Our Solutions

Emotion - AI powered Consumer Research platform

Creative Optimization Media Planning Optimization Audience Segmentation Benchmarking

Print Ad | Online Banner Ad |Digital Ads | TV Ads

Usability Insights User Journey Emotion Mapping UI Elements efficacy measure

Web | Mobile | Chatbots

Path 2 Purchase Insights Conversion Funnel Insights Product Placement Efficacy Banner Ad placement efficacy measure

Web | Mobile | Chatbots

Shelf Testing Pack AB Testing Planogram Testing PoS Testing

2D Store View | 360 Interactive Store View

How it Works?

Affect Lab enables brands and enterprises to monitor and improve
every key moment along the customer journey.

Define Stimulus

Set up a campaign and upload Stimulus to be analysed

Target Audience

Select your target audience for our Global tester panel

Capture Emotion

Tester provides consent for Camera and watches the Stimulus

Insights & Actions

Insights on the dashboard (Usability, Digital, Media & Shopper EQ)​


Affect Lab Benchmarks

0 +
TV, Digital, Print Ad, Digital Experience Tested
0 Mil +
Unique Facial Data across Globe
0 + Mil Min.
Of Eye Gauze, Brainwave & Facial Coding Data
0 +
Global Patent Claims on EMOTION AI Technologies

Global Tester Panel

Move beyond your network. With a panel that covers 100+ million validated people across 120+ countries, now test your campaigns on target demographics. Get responses coming in real-time!

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