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Facial Coding Metrics


Attention metric in Affect Lab measures the volume of attention users paid to the stimuli and also the quality of attention which indicates how long an audience was capable of maintaining continuous attention. Attention score increases as respondents are more focussed on the stimuli in continuous manner and the score decreases as users show signs of frequent distractions.


Engagement metric in Affect Lab measures the overall emotional experience by the users to the task and/or stimuli measured using Daniel Kahneman's peak-to-end rule. The Engagement with the stimuli is determined by the emotions evoked at its peak and at the end.


Usually involves a smile both corner of the mouth rising, the eyes are squinting, and wrinkles appear at eyes corners. The initial functional role of the smile, which represents happiness, remains a mystery. A smile encourages the brain to release endorphins that assist lessening pain and resemble a feeling of well-being.

Very similar to the expression of fear. Maybe because a surprising situation can frighten us for a brief moment, and then it depends whether the surprise is a good or a bad one. Therefore, the function is similar.

Involves lip corner to rise only on one side of the face. Sometimes only one eyebrow rises. This expression might look like half surprise, half happiness. This can imply the person who receives this look that we are surprised by what he said or did (not in a good way) and that we are amused by it. This is obviously an offensive expression that leaves the impression that a person is superior to another person.

Involves a slight pulling down of lip corners, inner side of eyebrows is rising. Darwin explained this expression by suppressing the will to cry. The control over the upper lip is greater than the control over the lower lip, and so the lower lip drops. When a person screams during a cry, the eyes are closed in order to protect them from blood pressure that accumulates in the face. So, when we have the urge to cry and we want to stop it, the eyebrows are rising to prevent the eyes from closing.

Involves three main features- teeth revealing, eyebrows down and inner side tightening, squinting eyes. The function is clear- preparing for attack. The teeth are ready to bite and threaten enemies, eyes and eyebrows squinting to protect the eyes, but not closing entirely in order to see the enemy.

Involves wrinkled nose and mouth. Sometimes even involves tongue coming out. This expression mimics a person that tasted bad food and wants to spit it out, or smelling foul smell.

Measure the emotions hiding under facial expressions

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Creative Optimization
Media Planning Optimization
Audience Segmentation

Usability Insights
User Journey Emotion Mapping
UI Elements Efficacy Measure

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Conversion Funnel Insights
Product Placement Efficacy
Banner Ad placement efficacy measure

Shelf Testing
Pack AB Testing
Planogram Testing
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