Shopper EQ

Drive Sales by turning Emotion Insights into Action

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Increase in Pick up Rate
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Improvement in Pack Noticeability
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Increase in In-store Conversion
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Increase in In-store CSAT

Shelf Testing

Analyse whether your Pack stands out in a Store Shelf

Measure your packs Shelf Clutter Breakthrough Potential

Eye Gauze Heatmap of Respondents

Understand Stopping Power and Holding power of your Pack in a shelf clutter

In store Mimicked environment in VR, 360 Degree view or 2D view

Pack A/B Testing

Compare Pack efficacy upon standalone exposure

Compare Stopping Power, Holding Power & Closing power between packs.

Identify which elements of the Pack is getting most noticed and which ones are weak.

Areas of Interest

Eye Gauze Heatmap of respondents

Message Association of Pack with Respondents

Noticeability, Earned attention, Persuasion & Purchase intent

Planogram Testing

Know which Planogram is giving best visibility to your Packs

Planogram A vs B efficacy in terms of Noticeability of your Packs

Eye Gauze Heatmap

Emotion Based Persuasion mapping

PoSM Testing

Optimize Placement of PoSM in a Store

AB Testing between various placement of PoSM.

Measuring noticeability of such placements for a Shopper

Creative Testing to measure cognitive efficacy of PoSM

Message Association with your TG