Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

World's 1st Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

A self-serve online consumer research platform for superior accuracy and scalability

Typical shopper research involves customers answering questions about their shopping experience without experiencing any shopping tasks. In-person CLT tests are expensive and not feasible in Covid times. Surveys and interviews just rely on stated responses and fail to capture subconscious preferences which influence 95% of the purchase decisions. Affect Lab is solving these problems by launching the world's 1st “Interactive Virtual Shopper Research” on its Emotion AI platform. This will enable researchers to simulate a completely virtual and interactive shopping environment to test packaging, planograms, store layouts, and PoSM. Moreover, the Emotion AI tech will enable researchers to understand the subconscious triggers leading to purchase intent within days for prices lesser than in-person research.

How to Leverage Interactive Virtual Shopper Research

2D/3D Pack Testing

Pick the most noticeable and persuasive package designs

Planogram/Shelf Testing

Pick the best shelf positions to increase pack noticeability
Virtual Planogram

360 Retail Walkthrough

Pick the best store layout to increase in-store CSAT

Interactive Retail Testing

Pick the best retail experiences to lift purchase intent
Interactive Virtual Shelf

How to Use Interactive Virtual Shopper Research


2D/3D Packages, 2D Planograms, Videos/Links of 360 Store Walkthrough


Virtual and Interactive planograms from scratch with necessary customizations


Packaging, Planogram, Store Layouts and PoSM with an online panel of 50mn+ respondents


25+ question types, and survey templates and libraries for screening, pre and post survey


Actionable insights on purchase intent, noticeability, path to purchase and emotions

Benefits of Interactive Virtual Shopper Research


4X reduction in TAT for delivery of shopper insights


Behavioral and Emotion insights that go beyond stated responses

Online Panel

Access to online respondent panel of 50mn+ across 110 countries


Benchmark data of thousands of tested experiences available

Multi Channel

Ability to perform shopper tests using phone/tablet/laptop

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Increase in Package Pick-up Rate
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Increase in In-store Conversions
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Increase in Package Noticeability
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Increase in In-store CSAT

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